What Pride Means To Me.

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By The Hackney Gay

I am proud to be gay. It's taken a long time to be able to say this but I find myself saying it more and more these days. I've said it more times than you've heard the word 'Brexit'.

I’m proud of a lot of things. I’m proud I can hand on heart say that I’m 100% a virgin (with girls that is. But that’s what Jesus really cares about right?). I’m proud of the fact I might finally have found balance with my alcohol intake (I use the word “finally'”, let’s see how my next break up hits me).

And I’m so proud to be gay. My sister is gay. My uncle is gay. Every man I ever meet is gay (until proven otherwise) Plus my mum is pretty camp, so I guess that counts.

I am proud to be gay. It’s taken a long time to be able to say this but I find myself saying it more and more these days. I’ve said it more times than you’ve heard the word ‘Brexit’. Its genuinely starting to irritate my friends. It’s my new catchphrase. Ask anyone.

Of late I am regularly found at houseparties in the early hours telling my friends how much I love them and how lucky I am that we found each other and gushing over how fantastic it is to be gay. You know that guy that says “I know I don’t tell you I love you enough”? I’m not that guy, I’m the guy that tells you he loves you too much!!!! Being gay is fantastic. And we are lucky. So lucky. Especially in London in this current climate.

I loved staring out across Victoria Park at The Mighty Hoopla event and seeing a mass of glitter, costumes, denim, leather, fashion kids, punks, hags, drags, jocks, bears, gender benders and everything in between. It was with a heavy heart that I said goodnight to that day. The type of day you wish could last forever- like the perfect first date, or a sex dream involving the cast of Magic Mike.

I come from a very rural town in North Yorkshire where I stood out like a chubby, pink denim clad thumb. I had some killer ‘looks’ growing up, and served the judges ‘Cuddly Twink Realness’ regularly. It’s a wonder I wasn’t shot, stuffed and put in a museum of the bizarre. Being gay for me was fun as it made me special, but it was hard as it made me different. My skin is so thick now that Kiehls have referred me to an elephant specialist. And I think having that thick skin has caused me to drive away just about all the men I’ve ever dated. I’m working on it. I’m an enigma. Ask anyone.
But what’s so wonderful in London is that gay men come in all shapes and sizes and there’s a pocket for all of them. And for that I’m proud. I’m proud I can kiss a man in public. I’m proud my friend and I (both ex pro roller skaters, if you don’t mind) can go skating in the park topless on a Sunday (and believe me, cruising boys on 8 wheels is WAY more fun). I’m also proud of how far the UK has come since I used to secretly record Will and Grace on my VCR (children, look that up) when I was younger.

I was asked recently to help out another gay brand with their marketing, and what I hadn’t realised is how proud I was to be working for Blued. Blued are way ahead of the time with their vision for a gay community in London. Whilst it’s great that there are pockets for all types of people in our community, Blued is working towards uniting that community and bringing all of us bad ass gays together to make us stronger and better as one.

It might sound like they paid me to write this, and technically they did. But Blued never dictate what I should write about but can’t hurt to blow smoke up their ass, especially when you really believe in the smoke.
So be proud this month. Proud of who you are and what we’re achieving. Together.

I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating pride this month. Let me know in the comments below. You’ll probably find me somewhere in Soho telling my friends how much I love them.

Slightly soppier than usual.

Pass the hankies.



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