Are you on the list? Our Top 20 Blued live broadcasters

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By Blued

"If you play the piano, play! If you have makeup tips, please share!  Hell, even if you are great with a Rubik’s Cube then we want to see it!"

Here at Blued we are constantly thinking up new ways to make our app the most exciting, most innovative and simply the best unique experience ever! That said, one thing is absolutely clear: We are dedicated to crafting a completely safe space in which our users can express themselves. The space should be one in which everyone can be themselves and show the world the individual and wonderfully unique character they are.  The LGBT community is at the heart of our app and our safe space policy is there to provide a haven for our community, one in which we sometimes need somewhere safe to go.

A great medium to do this, and one we have spent some time developing, is our live feature. If you play the piano, play! If you have makeup tips, please share!  Hell, even if you are great with a Rubik’s Cube then we want to see it!

But you know, even if you aren’t a virtuoso or consider yourself a font of knowledge on beauty then simply going live to show the every-day you is just wonderful. Never forget, what you may think is boring about yourself is not necessarily what others see and your live is accompanied by interactive messaging which even allows you to see the great things people think about you.

Now, we haven’t just let the lives run. While quietly enjoying so many of the lovely live broadcasts you have produced (Yes, we were watching and YASSSS! we loved that one with the amazing dancer, you know who you are), we have also been letting our Blued hamsters chew the data to see who has been busy with that live button.

Taking into account the length and amount of streams, along with the number of likes and views we have collated a fun Top 20 of live broadcasters amongst you!  We’ll let you know in-app who made the Top 20 this time round and well done to everyone on the list!

We will update this list regularly. The more you go live, the more people watch you and the more people click “like”, the higher up the list you will go.

We will even start to highlight broadcasters and interview them and we’ll be adding some “Official Broadcaster” information to your profile so everyone can see you mean business!

So don’t be shy, every single one of us is amazing and unique, we are simply providing a safe place to show it!

Don’t have Blued yet? That’s ok, just download it for IOS and Android here.

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