Same-sex marriage in Australia and other LGBTI news (by Gay Star News)

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By Tris Reid-Smith

The LGBTI world is talking marriage equality in Australia, whether India will make gay sex legal and about a trans girl tweeting her gender surgery.

Australia is about to have a postal vote on same-sex marriage but it’s already stirring up hate. Meanwhile, in India, an obscure court case has opened the door to what could be the biggest sexual liberation in history. And a Canadian teen going through gender surgery has been sharing all the details.

We gays have been stealing words again

Australia has been rallying people to sign up to vote this week. Why? Because from next month they are planning to hold a two-month long postal ballot on marriage equality.

It’s more complicated than that. Really, it shouldn’t need a postal vote – parliament should just legalise same-sex marriage, as most Australians want. And there’s a court case to stop the postal vote.

But it’s already stirring up crazy hate.

Step forward politician Bob Katter.

He’s been saying: ‘I have a very clear idea of what is going on here: the homosexuals in Australia, they took the word gay.’

He continues: ‘‘‘Oh they’ve got this thing called marriage, the other mob, we will take that too”.’

Yup. We’re word thieves.

An obscure court ruling in India could be about to liberate a billion people

India’s LGBTI community has fought a long hard battle to rid itself of the British colonial law that bans gay sex.

The legislation technically bans any penetrative sex act which isn’t between a man and a woman in the missionary position.

And this week they finally got a lucky break.

A complicated Supreme Court case has seen India recognize its citizens do have a right to privacy.

Experts say that’s essential in winning a court case to make gay sex legal.

If they do manage that, once and for all, it will be the biggest single act of gay and sexual liberation in history.

This 18-year-old is live tweeting her gender surgery

Trans people don’t normally share their gender confirmation surgery with the world. After all it’s pretty personal, painful and you’re certainly not feeling your best.

But Gabrielle ‘Gabzy’ Diana, 18, from Ottawa Canada has set the internet alight by live tweeting her gender surgery.

She told us: ‘A vagina is just that, a vagina. But to me it’s a symbol of what I’ve always identified with, it’s the body part I never had, and now I feel connected body and soul.

‘But it’s about feeling beautiful, even though it’s throbbing and in pain.

‘So it’s a vagina, yeah, of course, but it’s also a sign of the past four years being worth it.’

I’m up in Manchester at the moment, looking forward to Pride. That’s all about our chance to be ourselves. So to see this girl make this breakthrough in her journey to be herself feels like the perfect start to that weekend. I hope it’ll make you smile and inspire you too.

And I hope it will inspire trans teens – male and female – to know they can make it through the hard times.

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