New to Blued? Here are a few tips to make the most of the app!

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Using a new app is a bit like starting a new relationship: you have to find your bearings, there is no instruction manual and you don’t know how good it’s going to be.

So if you’ve just downloaded Blued and are unsure what to do next, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read below for a few tips on how to make the most of your gay social app!

Show the real you by verifying your profile picture!

We’ve all been catfished at least once, we’ve all met that guy that doesn;’t look like his picture, and we’ve all been subject to online trolling or hate. At Blued, we don’t think that’s acceptable, so we do our very best to create a #safespace for you to enjoy.

So how do we make that happen? One profile picture at a time.

Follow these easy quick steps and verify your profile picture once you’ve uploaded it. You will see a little yellow tick on your picture once it’s passed our verification process. Whenever you see that yellow tick on a picture, it means their user has been verified by Blued. No more headless torsos, or fake profiles. Make real connections, with real people.


Be a star and go live! (or watch people go live if you’re shy)

We know what you’re going to say: “is this Live page going to be filled with guys showing their bits? Cause I ain’t interested.”

Well, as much as some people will try to (and fail, as our monitoring team spends their days ensuring the content you watch or show is in line with our guidelines), you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our live broadcasts are wide and varied, ranging from Yoga classes (we’ve even got one of our yoga teacher doing it in full drag! For real!) to dance classes, live Q&As about the sexual health questions you’ve always wanted to ask but never dared to, singers’ rehearsals (no need to wait for X-factor to come back!), Make up tutorials for the inner drag in you that’s waiting to come out, tons of official livestreams at LGBTQ events (Pride, parties, discussion panels, you name it!) and much much more.

And if you have a bit of a star in you (we don’t mean that literally, although if you do, give us the names!), show us what you’re into by going Live. It’s dead easy, you just need to click on the camera icon, apply for Live (this is a one-time only task you will not have to do afterwards) and you’re good to go.

We cannot wait to see what you have to show! (unless it’s your bits, as per our mention above)

Share what you’re up to by posting on your timeline!

You’re holidaying with your family in this well cute little village in northern Spain (even though you wanted to go to Ibiza with your friends instead) OR you’ve seen this super relevant quote (again) that has become your life motto (again) OR you’ve skied down a slope wearing nothing but flip-flops (you’d be amazed what people do) OR you’ve made this amazing cherry pie (you never bake) and want some gratification for it (cause you never bake) OR you’ve been to an Adele’s concert (before she decided to cancel the last two) and she asked you on stage (ok maybe that one is pushing it). What do you do? You share it on your timeline! Show the world what your life is made of, what ticks your boxes, what grinds your gear, and let other Blued users like, share and comment on it!


Join a group and make tons of new friends!

Do you remember that dreadful first day at school where you’re new and don’t know anyone and have no clue how to start making friends? Don’t feel left out on Blued, and connect directly with other like-minded members of our community by joining or creating a group. We have groups based on location, so you can discuss what’s going on in your area, but you can also create a group based on your interests. Always wanted to start that gay book club but never knew how to do it? Create a group for it!

Groups can also be public or private, depending on your choice, so no more worries about people trolling your “knitted underwear and their admirers” group (we swear it’s a thing).


Can’t deal with too many messages? Meet your new inbox PA!

So you’ve now verified you profile picture, you’ve gone live, you’ve posted all about your life on your timeline, you’ve even joined a couple groups, and guess what? it worked! You’re now a really popular user and find yourself inundated with messages from people wanting to be your friend! And you also found out in the process that you can’t cope with that many messages. (popularity is hard work right?)

Now, if you were a celebrity, a PA would come in really handy there, they could read your messages and filter them based on who you know and who you don’t.

You wished for it, Blued made it happen (and you didn’t even have to rub a lamp for that!).

Go to your settings and turn “message request inbox” on (normally you just tick the box, but if you want to try turning it on by complimenting it or buying it expensive jewellery that works too!).

This will automatically group all the messages you receive from users you don’t know in one place, leaving your inbox free so you can see your friends message and respond even quicker than you normally do (and you’re normally pretty quick at answering messages, right?).

Now you are well versed on all things Blued (and since you are already here) make sure to check some of our blog content!

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