Muslim fights for marriage equality in Australia and other LGBTI news

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By Tris Reid-Smith

The LGBTI world is talking about chemsex, insomnia and a Muslim gay guy fighting for marriage equality in Australia

We’ve been continuing to take a long hard look at chemsex this week and have told one celebrity lawyer’s tragic story. Meanwhile, we’ve got new information if you struggle with insomnia. And a young Muslim gay activist in Australia has got us inspired.

This top lawyer woke up to find his partner dead from a G overdose

If you are a regular reader of Blued or Gay Star News, you’ll know we’ve been highlighting the issue of chemsex in a special set of features and videos.

One story we were told this week is particularly shocking.

In early 2015, Henry Hendron was a successful barrister making his name with celebrity clients. He was also in love with a young Colombian man called Miguel Jimenez.

But after a night of taking G together, Henry woke up to make a horrifying discovery.

He told us: ‘When I woke up in the morning, without my glasses or lenses in, he wasn’t moving.

‘I put my glasses on and screamed and I realized that it was just blood around his face and … he was blue in color.’

He called for an ambulance and they talked him through the steps to try to resuscitate Miguel. When they arrived, they took over.

Henry continued: ‘Half an hour or so passed and the paramedics came in and I knew what they were going to say. They sat me down and said, “I’m sorry, we’ve not been able to restart Miguel’s heart.”

‘There was now several dozen emergency services people in my living room, and with that line, “We haven’t been able to restart Miguel’s heart,” they got up and left, and as they got up, six police officers from the City of London came forward and I was immediately arrested and handcuffed.’

It’s a shocking example of how a simple mistake can cause a fatal G overdose, even for those people who feel their drug use is under control.

You can read more of Henry’s story and much more about chemsex, including resources to help you if you are struggling, here.

Do you ever suffer from insomnia?

I imagine most of us suffer from a bad night’s sleep from time to time. But for some people insomnia can be a debilitating problem.

We’ve been speaking to people about it this week. One, a pansexual student called Hatti Smart, told us:

‘I do find that my panic attacks occur more frequently on days that I haven’t slept well the night before. Although sometimes can have no relation to my sleep at all, and be totally random too.’

Now scientists in Oxford have discovered insomnia is not just a symptom of poor mental health but a cause of it. Curing insomnia can actually improve a range of other psychological conditions. They gave students cognitive behavioral therapy to help their insomnia and saw anxiety, depression, and paranoia drop too.

Their message is that if you can’t fix your insomnia yourself, to seek advice from a doctor or psychiatrist.

Follow the link to find more advice on how to combat insomnia.

Putting Muslims at the heart of the fight for marriage equality

If you need a bit of inspiration this Friday, then check out this amazing student from Australia.

Fahad Ali is a 24-year-old queer activist who has founded Muslims for Marriage Equality to help the fight for a yes vote in the current Australian postal ballot on same-sex marriage.

He recognizes that not all Muslims back LGBTI rights.

But he told us: ‘The notion that all Muslims are opposed to equal rights for same-sex couples is absolutely incorrect.

‘There is a strong thread of egalitarianism and social justice within the Qur’an and we think that it is very applicable to the question of same-sex marriage.’

It looks like the postal survey result may end up being a lot closer than expected with the ‘no’ campaign proving very effective. So it’s great to see people like Fahad working so hard for a win. You can follow the latest developments at our special Equal Marriage Australia 2017 homepage.

What do you think?

Let Blued and me know what you think. You can read more about all these stories, plus loads of new articles, photos and videos every day, on Gay Star News

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