“Hosting is caring” – What misterb&b hosts learn from their guests

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By Blued

The times they’re A-changing, sang Neil Armstrong. Shaken by financial uncertainty, the world becomes smaller thanks to technology but people can feel lonelier. Platforms like Blued and misterb&b can help shape and redefine a generation and are currently profoundly encouraging the gay lives of the global LGBTQ community.

If the origins of Blued redirect to the need to form a solid gay community in a historical and geographical context where being out-of-the-closet was not the easiest thing, at the same pace misterb&b is trying to ease the lives of the gay community.

If we cut the drama, being openly gay is less of a big deal now than it used to be 20 years ago, but issues related to people’s sexual orientation can still arise. misterb&b can be and is used to feel safe, accepted, welcome and in a judgmental-free environment when travelling. The mission of this fast-growing startup goes beyond security and acceptance – even because, hello 21th century!

misterb&b is not only a means for the gay community to survive, but to thrive: connecting like-minded people on the four corners of the little blue planet called Earth.

These three host stories we selected among our users’ feedback prove misterb&b is indeed succeeding in stimulating close-knit bonds and networking among the members of the global gay community.

Nathan, Orlando FL

“Last November was perhaps the most important Pride I have ever gone to.

With Orlando continuing to heal after the Pulse attack in June 2016 we had friends in town from other parts of the country and Tim from New York City made a reservation with us through misterb&b. I told him we would absolutely love to host him but let him know that we would be having friends over for a big pride dinner. I think he became even more excited about his stay!  He arrived and we welcomed him into our circle as if we all had known him for years!  We all went out for drinks that night and had a wonderful time!
Our bookings on misterb&b have skyrocketed in the last 2 months and the other day I was wondering why to myself.  It occurred to me that perhaps now more than ever with all the uncertainty and fear in the political world people are just looking for a safe place to stay.  A place where you can escape your day to day world for a moment, relax and quite literally smell the flowers.  A place where you can be yourself, love who you love and celebrate all that is right with the world”

Aleks, West Hollywood

“Patrick from New York City was supposed to be just a new guest for me. Truth be told, there was an immediate spark as we saw each other. Now we text good morning and good-night everyday. I’m so lucky to have found this wonderful man! I am certain this doesn’t happen often on misterb&b and that it was just chance, I’m nonetheless thankful because misterb&b is part of my life now. It’s such a an amazing concept and a powerful networking tool. Every day I get new bookings, some of them are repeat customers and I have fantastic time with almost  all of them. They become my friends and some of them my family. I keep in touch with many of them, and when I travel to where they are, we meet again and go out to clubs or they show me around to the best places in their cities. I don’t feel lonely anymore with misterb&b guests coming around and all year long to LA and West Hollywood”

Yoav, Tel Aviv

“Once I hosted a brilliant anthropology professor, who shared with me his son’s transition story. It was extremely interesting: facing the challenges of parenthood and seeing how well he coped with it, so smartly and sensitively.

Hosting is not about the extra pillow, or any other request- it’s the fact you care. Guests need to know you are there for them. If you didn’t care to begin with – you shouldn’t be hosting.
Always make sure they arrive safely and give them time to settle down. If I can, I normally take them to my neighborhood (less touristy) and we start out with coffee.
During this time I get to know them, give them tips and advices regarding where to go and what to do, which places are a must and which places are overrated. I like to make sure they spend their time in the best way, suitable for their personal needs.

The secret to getting along nicely is listening to each other. When you truly do that you can also listen to and empathize with people’s amazing stories. And that can change you profoundly”

Feel welcome everywhere you go with misterb&b

and connect with the global gay community.

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