Hate crime against gays has soared by 80%

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By Tris Reid-Smith

"In all, 9% of LGB people reported hate crimes in 2013. But in 2017, that has gone up to 16%. "

And an incredible two in five trans people have experienced hate crime in the last year

Gay, lesbian and bi people in Britain have reported 78% more hate crime since 2013.

LGBT campaign organization Stonewall revealed the shocking rise in a report out today. And its got the whole media talking.

The Stonewall research also found two in five trans people faced hate crimes based on their gender identity in the last 12 months.

The researchers weren’t able to see if that was a rise – as they didn’t have trans hate crime figures from 2013.

In all, 9% of LGB people reported hate crimes in 2013. But in 2017, that has gone up to 16%. You may think Britain is becoming more accepting, but this figure would appear to contradict that.

And it’s important to note another key fact in the study too. That you are more likely to suffer anti-LGBT abuse if you are black, Asian or another ethnic minority, if you are from a non-Christian religion, or if you are disabled.

You can read more about the study here.

But the most important question is what to do about it.

Lucy Abell from Stonewall made their suggestion to Gay Star News when we spoke to her earlier.

She said: ‘What’s vital now is that we come together as a community and ensure we’re standing by the side of one another as allies, acknowledging our privileges and giving up platforms to the more marginalized people in our community.’

I’ve been reporting on anti-LGBTI hate crime for years so, for what it’s worth, here’s my personal advice:

Hate crime – 4 essential pieces of advice

1 Stay safe:

We all want to be ourselves and challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in society. But don’t put yourself in danger when you can avoid it. If you sense a situation you are in is turning bad, get out of there as quick as you can, and call the police as soon as you can safely.

2 Report it:

Even if the incident you experienced seems trivial, it helps police and others build up a pattern of what’s happening in the area. The next victim may come off even worse than you, so by reporting incidents, you are not making a fuss, you’re standing up for others.

3 Talk about it:

Don’t just tell the police. Let local business people know, tell your story on social media and even reach out to friendly journalists like us at GSN. The more we raise the profile of this issue, the more will be done to tackle hate crime.

4 And keep being you:

We can’t let the haters win. So be yourself. And when there’s a chance to support other LGBTI people around you, always take it. Stonewall is urging people to ‘Come out for LGBT’ – that’s what we should all be doing.

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