GSN’s Week in Review – 23/06

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By Tris Reid-Smith

Shorts or Skirts at work for men? Can having a beard stop you being gay? Also a brave LGBTI advert in Iraq!

The LGBTI world is wondering if guys should wear skirts in hot weather, whether beards can stop you becoming gay and an LGBTI poster campaign in Iraq

It’s been a hot week and some guys have responded to a ban on wearing shorts by putting on skirts. Meanwhile a Russian church leader has proved he’s never met a gay bear. And Iraqi LGBTIs are inspiring us with their brave new publicity campaign.

If shorts are banned at your work or school, just wear a dress

When Joey Barge, a 20-year-old call centre worker from Buckinghamshire, England, turned up for work in shorts, he was told that wasn’t allowed by his employers.

So he had the perfect response – he returned later that day wearing a stunning (and frankly cool-looking) pink dress.

He’s not the only one. Bus drivers in the city of Nantes, France have taken to wearing skirts. They say they can’t cope wearing trousers in the heat in busses that aren’t air-conditioned.

And 30 schoolboys in Exeter, England wore skirts in protest at their school’s ban on shorts.

Should work and school dress-codes all be gender-neutral? What do you think?

This bishop thinks beards can stop you becoming gay

Beards can protect you from being gay, according to a Russian Orthodox leader.

Metropolitan Kornily, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church, explained men should stop shaving to ‘protect themselves from homosexuality’.

He ignores the fact his biggest fan – Vladimir Putin – likes to be clean shaven. Or perhaps Kornily knows something about Putin we don’t.

Of course Kornily has modeled his own magnificent beard on Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Though, of course, it turns out Dumbledore was gay.

Personally, I was pretty damn gay before I was old enough to grow a beard. So luckily his advice wouldn’t have worked for me. How about you?

This LGBTI poster has gone up in Baghdad

This poster reads in Arabic: ‘I am equal to you. Difference is the basis of life.’

The simple message has gone up in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. And it proves LGBTI people are strong and brave in even the toughest circumstances.

Actually there are LGBTI campaigners and organisations across the Muslim world. And they very often get little backing or financial support. Yet they keep fighting.

Click the link to see an incredible picture of LGBTI supporters from the Kurdish area of Iraq. It’s guaranteed to inspire you and make you smile.

What do you think?

Let Blued and me know what you think. You can read more about all these stories, plus loads of new articles, photos and videos every day, on Gay Star News.


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