GSN’s Week in Review – 21/04

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By Tris Reid-Smith

The LGBTI world is talking about a gay round-up in Nigeria, London’s new police chief and a sexy Last Supper

Terrible news came from Nigeria in the last few days, where 53 people have been arrested at a ‘gay wedding party’. Meanwhile, in London the new police chief has revealed she’s in a same-sex relationship. And in Italy, a saucy version of the Last Supper is upsetting Christians.

53 gay men arrested by police in Nigeria, one couple in hiding

Police raided a so-called ‘gay marriage’ and arrested 53 men they accused of homosexuality in northern Nigeria.

The raid in Zaria is deeply worrying. One couple is one the run and hiding out in a safe house. Another 53 men are languishing in jail and could face trials and tough prison terms.

We should be every bit as worried about them as we are about the plight of LGBTIs in Chechnya. But so far, the LGBTI community has been slow to react.

Let’s not forget Nigeria is a deeply dangerous country to be LGBTI. If the police don’t get you, then vigilante mobs may just beat or murder you.

If you can help the Bisi Alimi Foundation help the men, please do. Follow the link to find out more.

London’s new police chief quietly comes out 

This must be one of the most understated coming outs of recent times – and also one of the most significant.

The new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, confirmed publicly what we had long known – that she is in a same-sex relationship.

She dropped it subtly into an interview. No big fuss.

But this is a huge step forwards.

Only a few decades ago, pretty policemen were being used to entrap gay men in London’s toilets. Most LGBTIs when victims of attacks failed to report them as they feared becoming victims of the police too.

Since then, the Met has made massive efforts. They haven’t always got it right – far from it. But things have changed.

Now the first woman to be London’s chief of police since the role was invented in 1829 has come out. And let’s not forget, she’s also the most senior police officer in the UK.

Congratulations Cressida! I hope all Londoners support you as you try to make our city safer for all of us.

Italian gay bar creates sexy Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci may have been gay. But he never depicted the Last Supper like this.

His depiction of Jesus’s final feast with his followers is one of the most famous artistic works ever.

But now a gay night in the Italian city of Salerno has come up with their own version.

Not only are the disciples and Jesus shirtless. One is in jocks, with his butt in the air. And immediately to Jesus’s left, two are having oral sex.

I’m a bit conflicted by this.

I value freedom of expression, obviously. And I recognise the Catholic Church has behaved in an altogether appalling way towards LGBTIs for two millennia and isn’t much better today. So perhaps they deserve a bit of mockery.

But is it right to be deliberately offensive about someone else’s religion? The Last Supper is an important spiritual moment to Christians. And it wasn’t an orgy.

As LGBTIs, we’ve always been respectful to their right to follow their faith, while the Christian extremists have been squarely in the wrong. So aren’t we better off keeping the moral high ground?

I wonder what you think.

What do you think?

Let Blued and me know what you think. You can read more about all these stories, plus loads of new articles, photos and videos every day, on Gay Star News.

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