Calling All Blued UK Live Performers !! 

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By Blued

Hey everyone! We wanted to firstly thank you for the great live broadcasting and have been considering how best to help you reach out to our lovely community that we all value.

Every month our hamsters have been analysing the live data. The last couple of months have produced a top 40 (think Music Charts!) of UK Broadcasters. They are calculated from the amount and the length of broadcasts and we are pleased to share the last couple of months’ top charting users:

  1. Glitterball__1983
  2. DariiDance
  3. Sexycute_Danny
  4. AJ-88
  5. IProzac
  6. Pissygalore
  7. Esota
  8. Davidtorquay
  9. Xmenmico
  10. Samswebb
  11. R0l0
  12. RHUE_London
  13. Gavon_78
  14. Andy_KaKa09
  15. Martin_Young


  1. Ian_Shaun
  2. Gareth_brown
  3. -JAY —-
  4. Kr3z95
  5. The_brother_of_mario
  6. Lukatar
  7. Realtylercollis
  8. Barry_Wilson
  9. Sixx9
  10. TommyK33
  11. Cameron Jarvis
  12. Djpeejay_santiago
  13. Cyrus21dc
  14. Scubalad1a
  15. Patrick_Forte
  16. Philip_Bottomley
  17. Oojdjf
  18. UltraRunner
  19. Stuart_Dudding
  20. Tony_Frost
  21. Irish_dude
  22. Lorenzo1995_
  23. Rudolf_Pecha
  24. Seanlandrick
  25. Tatey_Boi


So here’s the deal: At the beginning of every month we will calculate a fresh Top 40 from the previous month starting next month in August. 

So I don’t see my name on the list? 

If your name is anywhere in the list now then well done but if you aren’t, don’t worry, you have to the end of the month to get your name there! Just go live more than other people and you’ll find your name there!

What about the top 15 names in bold? 

You can see the top 15 in bold in our preliminary list. These will be our Live Ambassadors for the next month.  We’ll promote Live Ambassadors in extra ways for the coming month. Again, if your name is there well done, but you all have time before the end of the month to make sure you’re in the top 15!

We will release the full July list in the first week of August and those will be the 15 we promote during August.  Then the next month we’ll produce another top 40 and fresh top 15 will be promoted for the next month. And so on…

What do you get? 

You can expect promotional in-app messages, timeline posts, blog interviews and more.

What if I am low on the list or not even on there? How can I compete and get the “perks” of someone in the top 15? 

You simply need to go live as much as you have the time to. Going live gets you up the list.

I don’t think I can be bothered with all that? I just want to go live when I want… 

Not a problem at all, we value every single person who goes live on our app. Just enjoy the live broadcasts as you do them and if you feature higher up the list then even better but it is not a requirement – it is just fun!

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Jay says:

Thank you very much Blued #whenyoulive

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