This is why we should all learn more about our buttholes

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By Blued

Talking about our bodies and sex lives is empowering. We should all do it more.

Can we all just talk about the amazing science behind your butthole?

Seriously, the human body’s gastrointestinal system has developed a way to take all of the amazing nutrients we need out of food. Before packaging what we don’t need, into neat little parcels we deliver at a socially acceptable point of the day.

Oh and beyond that; bums are, of course, booty-ful.

So because the peach is such a glorious part of our bodies and your butthole deserves a lot of attention; Gay Star News put together a whole guide with everything you need to consider when using your bum.

The comments on this article included much oversharing. But frankly, power to anyone who wants to share a butthole story.

Talking about our bodies and sex lives is empowering. We should all do it more.


Here though I wanted to focus on one other thing thing science has given us for buttholes. Biological evidence of why some men love to bottom – hallelujah.

Researchers believe they have discovered specific biological markers for gay men adopting preferred sexual positions. In other words, gay men might be predisposed to being a bottom or a top. The research shows that bottoms have indicators like having older brothers, being left-handed or not conforming to gender norms from an early age.

You can thank researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga for this. They believe ‘non-right handedness’ is a major biological factor. Seriously, the study states: ‘Among gay men, variation in gender nonconformity appears to correspond with variation in anal sex role behavior.

Want more Butthole facts? 63% of people walked away from our article as a bottom expert. While 20% felt like they learned too much.

However, in this humble writer’s opinion, you can never know too much about your butthole.

Read 12 weird butthole facts you might have never wanted to know


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