Blued Profile: Meet Sam! (The 5 questions interview)

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Sam won our Pride Live contest and is now one of our Official broadcaster. Read below to find out more about him and his story!

Can you tell us about yourself and how long you have been using Blued?

My name is Sam Webb, I am twenty-four years of age, I work as a ‘procurement specialist’ and I am from London in the United Kingdom.

One of the most important things about me is that I love to travel. I love to experience other cultures, make friends you would otherwise never meet and create amazing adventures and memories. I always live my life saying I do not want to be one of those people that wonders ‘what if…?’ I want to experience everything I can now and enjoy life!

Apart from travelling I am a big Cinephile. I visit the Cinema roughly twice a week, I love all genres from horror to romance to action to musicals. If I had to pick my top 3 films they would be:

  • Gone Girl (2014). I went into the cinema not knowing anything about the film or the book and that made for a truly unforgettable viewing experience. Even to this day I will rewatch it if I have a long flight or I am ill. Something about the character of Amy fascinates me and I never get tired of watching her.
  • Casino Royale (2006). Daniel Craig in speedos and naked? James bond? Action? Amazing sets and plot twists? Sign me up! Everything I need in a film and more. I remember the drama surrounding this film and the speculation as to whether Craig would be able to deliver, which made it even better when he knocked it out of the park. Plus, I find Daniel Craig HOT!
  • The Devil Wears Prada (2006). Yes it is a very gay film, but so what? I always watch this film if I am sick in bed or feeling under the weather. It always makes me laugh and cheers me up … even if the sequel (novel) was horrendous.

I also hold a Bachelor of the Arts in History, so as you can guess I am a big history geek. I love to learn about other cultures and their history. I also love to visit exhibitions and night viewings at the big museums. My favourite museum in London is the Victoria and Albert, if you are ever in London I implore you to visit! I am actually planning to visit Vietnam and South Korea purely because of my love of their history … and well their men too!

I also love to work out, play badminton and drink with my friends. I am not one for clubbing or big parties but if it is occasionally then I am all for it! I am a verrrry fun drunk!

Can you tell us about your coming out?

I knew I was gay when I was around 9 or 10 years old so it was not some big battle in my mind regarding my sexuality. When I was in my teen years the LGBT were being used as the butt of the joke in a lot of the media so I held a lot of reservations about coming out as I did not want to be bullied or have some stereotype forced upon me. Ergo, I made the decision to ‘fly under the radar’ as it were during high school, dodging all questions about girls etc. Yet during my final year I did get a little depressed in which my parents noticed my mood and eventually it all came out after they confronted me. However, I did not tell my friends until I was dating my current partner. This was done one by one, until I thought “F**k it!” and just fully came out and was not apologetic for it. I wish I had that approach from day one because I have been a lot happier since. If someone is going to leave your life because of your sexuality, good riddance.

I remember during my part time job, one of my colleagues (female) developed a crush on me. As I was oblivious to her flirting, I would joke around to the point where she thought the attraction was mutual. In hindsight I was not helping the situation by joking she was my work wife! Eventually her boyfriend came to work to threaten me, my manager sent me to the warehouse and after I realised what happened it all came out. Funnily enough that is when I started getting some interesting private messages on Facebook! That has happened a few times with girls confessing their attraction and coming out has been necessary (during the time when I was technically not out) to let them know.

If you had not done your current job, what would you have liked to do?

I have never been one of those people that has had a dream job or career in mind since day one. I love history and trained to be an archivist but after two internships I realised a lifetime in a basement with old books was not for me. As you can tell I love to write, so me and my friend have always joked about writing a book together, but apart from that I have no idea what I would like to do. Something that allows me enough freedom to travel and to grow within the role.

Have you ever felt judged/discriminated against by your peers within the gay community?

As a Caucasian male … no I have not. I know a lot of people do and that is something I hate about the gay community. I think with hot guys with 6 packs on our timelines 24/7 it can become a bit easy to set your standards exceptionally high or begin to look at yourself like you are not that attractive. Personally I have been very self critical of myself, i.e. looking ugly, acting more ‘straight’, being very self conscious of how I speak etc. but I have never experienced judgment or discrimination by my peers. If anything I feel the opposite and feel very welcomed by the gay community and that is why I love to go to Gay bars/clubs and now Pride because I can be myself and have fun!

I also think a lot of the discrimination and judgment may come from people who actively distance themselves from the gay community. For example, I have met a ton of gay guys who don’t go to gay clubs or bars because “that’s not my style/scene.” Ok sure if you’re not into campy drag shows do not go to those particular places but the random hesitation and almost resentment towards your own peers irritates me a lot. It is usually the people at these clubs that are some of the friendliest you will ever meet and the majority of my funniest and happiest memories have been due to the gay community.

Finally, tell us something you’ve never told anyone else

This is a tricky one, if you have ever seen my live shows you will know I am pretty much an open book. But one thing I haven’t told anyone is that I can get quite lonely. Quite a boring answer I know! As an only child and more of an introvert there are times where I feel very lonely.

…Also I have a very very very very high libido 😉

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