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"Up until now, I've struggled with my sexuality and the fact that it goes against my religions beliefs"

It’s not always easy to reconcile who we are with who our peers want us to be. Read on Michael’s interview, one of our lovely Blued user, and his story on trying to be himself whilst being part of wider a religious community that doesn’t agree with his “choices”.


Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been on blued

My name is Michael, but on Blued I’m called The Silver Prince and refer to myself as Silver. I’m half Norwegian and half English and come from a family of 14.

I’m into visual art and enjoy traveling. I love  seeing and experiencing wild life and new cultures and find trying new languages fun.

I started using Blued in the beginning of 2017 while I was at university. I didn’t always have someone to hang out with or feel like going out, so I downloaded Blued and found a new hobby. In the beginning, I would often do face painting on myself as way to entertain my viewers.


Tell us about your coming out

I never really came out. Up until now, I’ve struggled with my sexuality and the fact that it goes against my religions beliefs, so I’ve slowly been telling telling people over time, but it’s not really a known thing – especially not amongst my church friends.

If you had not done your current job, what would you be doing?

Well, I’m currently unemployed, but I aspire to work within a creative industry where I can let my mind come up with ideas and solutions freely and without hesitation. I’m also looking at becoming a model.


Have you ever felt discriminated against by your own peers in the gay community?

Oh yes, definitely! Having come from a good home and a safe Christian environment, I have nothing against my religion. However, when I tell certain members of the gay community, they will often tell me that they hate religion. They may not agree with our lifestyle, but I have a great respect for those who choose to follow a faith as they often have to make sacrifices that others can simply brush off. Religion doesn’t have to be a problem and there are members of the LGBTQ+ community who are open about their sexuality and have faith.

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone

I stole a stack of Pokémon cards, from my classroom when I was 6.

Follow Michael on Blued (@The_Silver_Prince)

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