Blued Profile: Meet Darryl! (The 5 questions interview)

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"She then proceeded to grab the microphone at the DJ desk and announce to the whole room that I had finally admitted I was gay."

Can you tell us about yourself and how long you have been using Blued?

I’m Darii, I’m 26 years old & from Inverness in the beautiful highlands of Scotland! I have an extensive employment background, but right now I’m working as an Assistant Manager in a private luxury hotel and also performing on the side. I have been using the app for a few months and instantly fell in love with it after my first broadcast! I’ve been hooked ever since! In terms of my free time (however short that time may be!!), I like running, cycling, dancing, reading about other cultures/countries, and hanging out with friends whenever possible!

Can you tell us about your coming out?

My coming out was a pretty epic one. My auntie was celebrating her 60th birthday in what is known as the “butchest” bar/pub in my town. My entire family and lots of family-friends were there, so there was probably upwards of 100 people. Another of my aunties (who is also gay) kept bothering me by asking if I was gay, and I repeatedly brushed her off. She then proceeded to grab the microphone at the DJ desk and announce to the whole room that I had finally admitted I was gay. It was extremely embarrassing, but probably (in my case) the easiest way to tell everyone. The news was very well-received, and my family have been equally as loving ever since.

If you had not done your current job, what would you have liked to do?

Well personally, I would have loved to be a TV presenter. Sadly, no such luck has come my way!

Have you ever felt judged/discriminated against by your peers within the gay community?

Oddly, yes. Particularly when it comes to my drag. A surprising number of my gay friends (and also two of my ex’s) are really bothered by someone they know doing drag. A stranger, they don’t bat an eyelid. But because they know me, it makes them uncomfortable. None of them have ever offered a reasonable explanation when I’ve asked for one.

Finally, tell us something you have never told anyone else

That’s tricky, I don’t know if I should, the only thing I’ve never told anyone are all naughty!

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