Blued Profile: Meet Gareth! (The 5 questions interview)

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I am a very lucky person to be in a country that mostly accepts gay people and celebrates it!

Can you tell us about yourself and how long you have been using Blued?

Hi I’m Gareth Brown, I’m 31 from Edinburgh, Scotland UK! I’ve lived here all my life (yeah, boring).  When I was 16 I was lucky enough to get a saturday job in a pharmacy and climbed the ranks so to speak and 16 years later I’m still here! I absolutely love my job, I am lucky to travel the country to help those in need and also in my local area!

Unfortunately due to financial reasons I have had to move back in with my parents temperarily!  Which is good for my two cats and dog as they get more attention!!!

My two cats are Rei (black and white) and Wally (silver) which alot of people already know on live!  And of course there is Ruby, my dog!  Well used to be my dog but has defected to my dad!  Oh well! She was a rescue as all my pets where, so as long as she is happy, I’m happy!

I’ve not been on Blued for very long!  My first live experience was with a fellow official uk broadcaster @Andy_KaKa09 and it went up from there!  (dirty minded people, back of the line!) So I gained alot of friends quickly and was ‘urged’ to do a live and I have to say, its an awsome experience!

Can you tell us about your coming out?

I actually haven’t come out to alot of people, my work collegues, friends, sister but I actually haven’t told my parents face to face but I have been told they already know, so why add oil to the fire, my relationship is very strong with them, lets leave it at that!

If you had not done your current job, what would you have liked to do?

ANIMALS!! If I could go back to myself 10 years ago, I would say get into vet school!!! Animals are my life, if I could I would have 50 cats and dogs!  Buuuttt I cant so three will have to do ! Oh and if fantasy counts, a sailor scout!!!

Have you ever felt judged/discriminated against by your peers within the gay community?

I can honesty say I have never been in a position where I have felt like the odd one out or discriminated about being gay! I am a very lucky person to be in a country that mostly accepts gay people and celebrates it!

Finally, tell us something you have never told anyone else

I have had a near death experience !  One day I was out with a friend and was just about to cross (the green man was green) and a bus flew through the red light!  Luckily it was only my right hand that got hit as I was pointing up the way showing my friend a local landmark! I was thrown to the ground and knocked out slightly! I now have a chipped hand and a hate for bus drivers lol!

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