Barbie…Chanté you stay!

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By Blued

Mark Jonathan is giving the world’s most famous doll a makeover that will have your edges snatched, well and proper.

RuPaul’s Drag Race, which now needs no introduction (but in case you have lived under a rock the past few years, imagine an American X-factor for Drag Queens, with added sass on a backdrop of inclusiveness and gender fluidity. Basically, everything the X-factor isn’t), has definitely made its mark onto our TV lives. 9 seasons and 2 All-stars later, it continues to inspire people around the world, by releasing the inner diva in us and showing us that cultivating your difference is more than OK, it’s a necessity.

Artist Mark Jonathan is definitely a fan, as showcased in his latest project.

Turning an existing legend (Like her or not, Barbie remains an institution) into a RuPaul Glamazon is no small feat, and YAS GAWD is he good at it!

Check out his creations below, and be ready to be gagged by their Eleganza!

The level of detail is unreal, from make-up to clothes and accessories, and they truly come to life thanks to the help of his mum and some acrylic paint!

We know some contestants have already seen them, and we are sure that Mama Ru would indeed be very proud.

So far, we have seen the likes of Naomi Smalls, Valentina (she’s beautiful, she’s a model, she looks like Linda Evangelista…) and Violet Chachki (who still has a smaller waist than Barbie, go figure) and we love them.

We salute Jonathan’s efforts to turn a doll that, for many years, represented a fairly archaic and sexist ideal of women, to turn it into a celebration of creativity and fun, irrelevant of gender.

But why not go a step further, and part from the stunning queens? We would be interested to see less conventionally “pretty” queens as well.

Just Imagine:

(The unforgettable Giggly Calliente’s post-apocalyptic Challenge)

(The wholesome Latriiiiiiiiiice Royale)

(The spooky but nice Sharon Needles)

(Pineapplicious Manilla Louzon)

(The gag-worthy Black and White Detox)

Make sure to also check his Youtube channel to see the process behind those fierce creations, OKAAAYYYY?

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