Australia’s postal vote on same-sex marriage and other LGBTI news (by Gay Star News)

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By Tris Reid-Smith

The LGBTI world is talking about the Australian postal vote for same-sex marriage, crushes on teachers and Colton Haynes getting romantic

There was disappointing news from Australia which will have to go through a postal ballot to win same-sex marriage. Meanwhile we’ve been talking about crushes on teachers. And Colton Haynes has plucked our heartstrings with a romantic story.


High Court of Australia rules for marriage postal vote

The fight is on in earnest for marriage equality in Australia.

The government is insisting on holding a postal survey of voters – a sort of referendum by mail – on same-sex marriage.

Marriage equality campaigners lost their court case this week to block that postal vote. They said it was not fair, legal and would have a negative effect on the LGBTI community who would become vulnerable to a vitriolic campaign from the ‘no’ side.

So now it will go ahead.

The anti-equality campaign has already turned nasty so LGBTI Australians will need all our support in the next couple of months while the postal ballot rumbles on.

But let’s be optimistic. The majority of Australians support same-sex marriage. And if they can get out the vote, the parliament will have even less excuse not to legislate for equality.


Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

I can’t ever remembering having a crush on a teacher at school.

But it seems like I’m in a minority. We’ve been running a poll on Gay Star News and so far 80% have said they crushed on a teacher.

Actually, some of the innocent stories people have been sharing are quite sweet. For many people, a harmless teacher crush helped them realise their sexuality.

What’s your experience? Let us know. And follow the link to add your vote.


Colton Haynes has revealed how he met his fiancé Jeff Leatham, and it’s really sweet

Colton Haynes is the pin-up of the moment, and everyone is talking about his role in American Horror story.

Meanwhile, he’s been sharing the story of how he first met his fiancé Jeff Leatham.

A friend had tried to set up Jeff and Colton years before, but they didn’t live near each other and Colton says he ‘wasn’t in a very good place at the time’.

But flash forward a few years, and Colton was in an airport lounge in Paris, and so, coincidentally was Jeff.

‘Jeff hit me with his bag & said “Hey punk…aren’t you Colton?”’

Colton says he was ‘dumbstruck’. It was literally love at first sight.

They were only three rows away from each other on the plane.

‘After passing post it notes back and forth and sending Champagne love letters… Jeff asked me to come cuddle with him on the plane. From that day on my life has forever been changed.’

I hope that’s romantic enough to put a smile on your face this Friday.

What do you think?

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