Anti-gay terror attacks foiled in France (by Gay Star News)

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By Tris Reid-Smith

The LGBTI world is talking about the foiling of anti-gay terror attacks in France, marriage equality in Australia and a Scottish guy’s incredible charity efforts

French authorities have described how they foiled terrorist attacks against gay targets. Meanwhile, in Australia, the marriage equality postal survey has revealed love, hate and some very moving personal stories. And a Scottish politician is going further than most of us are prepared to for charity.

Terrorists planned to target LGBTI clubs in France

French police have foiled terrorist attacks on gay clubs in France this year, it has emerged.

Gerard Collomb, interior minister, revealed authorities thwarted a ‘plan of violent action’ targeting LGBTI clubs.

The country is still under historically tight security controls after the deadliest terror attack in French history on November 2015, in which 130 people were killed in multiple shooting and grenade attacks.

There is no single, simple answer to remove that danger. But these foiled attacks are yet another reminder that we should all stay vigilant, wherever we are. If you see something suspicious, get to safety and report it straight away.


Australians have been sharing heartbreaking stories as they fight for marriage equality

As you probably know, Australians are in the middle of a postal vote on marriage equality.

LGBTIs and our allies have done some inspirational work to win a Yes vote. But naturally some of the anti-gay No campaigners have turned pretty nasty.

So LGBTI Australians have taken the initiative again, and shared some of their stories on Twitter about why equality is so important for them.

Chloe said: ‘My brothers put cigarettes out on my skin to try and burn the gay out of me.’

Paul recalled: ‘I made eye contact with a guy on a train when I was 19. He followed me off the train and tried to strangle me.’

Alan shared: ‘Andrew was 5 foot tall and skinny as a rake. He was in a coma for months before he died after the assault.’

And BM said: ‘I held a boy’s hand at school and was pelted with rocks then they threw me in the urinal. Teacher told me to, “be more aware”.’

Sadly, there are plenty more stories like that. Far more than we can include here.

But it’s also so heartwarming to see normal Australians standing up for themselves and for those they love. Good on them.

What’s the most you’ve ever done for charity in one day?

Could you imagine doing a half marathon, skydive, and shaving your head for charity? How about doing it all in one day?

That’s what Joe McGurk, an assistant for a Glasgow MSP, is doing.

He’s working with Time for Inclusive Education in Scotland to stand up to LGBTI school bullying in a big way.

What crazy stuff have you done for charity in the past? We’d love to hear your stories. Meanwhile, I guess I should get my running shoes out and start training myself.

What do you think?

Let Blued and me know what you think. You can read more about all these stories, plus loads of new articles, photos and videos every day, on Gay Star News

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