5 Songs to Discover this Week

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By Blued

I don’t know if that’s the same thing for you, but my Spotify spans between Frank Ocean and Lorde and back again.

I always end up listening to the same songs because while I’m doing something, I want to be sure the music on the background is perfect… after all, it’s no less than my daily soundtrack! I know, that’s so lazy I should slap myself. This is why this week I manned up and ventured through the tangles of the Discover section to see which ones were the new big titles, and here’s what came out of that discovery.

Kesha – Hymn

It’s no wonder that Kesha’s return to the music scene after 4 years happened with a boom. Her album – Rainbow – has been released on August 11th and little by little new songs are being unfolded right before our eyes – songs that I’m sure we’ll soon be dancing to at the nearest gay venue. One of these is Hymn, which as the lyrics tell is a real hymn “for the hymnless” – all those people who never fit in and probably never will if they have to meet certain parameters. This song is for the outcasts and the misfits, to whom she reminds that it is OK not to. As Kesha herself stated when the song dropped – “there has never been a more important time for dreamers to be outspoken about their beliefs”.

The Killers – Run for Cover

If you had an indie rock phase during high school mainly shaped by Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and The Killers, the latter’s return might come as a bolt from the blue. The song was released as an appetizer for the coming album Wonderful Wonderful and for those of you who don’t like change when it comes to their favourite artists, you’ll be glad to know that the song is very much in the same vein as their past work. All of a sudden I’m 17 again.

Manila Luzon & Willam – That’s a Man Maury

Now, not that I’m a huge Ru Paul’s Drag Race fan. Not that I know every memorable line from each season in reverse either, but Manila Luzon and Willam joining voices to make a song gets me a bit excited. As if the song wasn’t catchy enough, the video is pure gold, staging a trashy 90s talk show with segments including “who’s the father” or “My boyfriend thinks he’s a dog” and tons of hot guys, among whom we can spot Laith Ashley – one of the most famous female-to-male models. Just sit back and enjoy!

Adore Delano – Negative Nancy

I aaaam gooooiiiing tooo saaay thiiiis veeeeryyy slooowlyyy soooo yoooouuu caaaan understaaaand: YOU’RE GRUNGE. Adore Delano just dropped the video for her new single Negative Nancy – the first coming from her upcoming album Whatever out on August 21st – and her fans are already losing it. The song (and the video) revolves around themes such as gender fluidity and the tackling of issues such as growing up bullied for being gay – as Adore sings “Daddy called me Nancy Boy”.

The Blow – Get Up

The Blow are an electro-pop band composed by Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne and Get Up stands as our first peak into their upcoming album Brand New Abyss out on September 22nd. If one considers the conversational tone that the songs holds throughout and the analog synths chosen to accompany it, it feels like listening to a hybrid electronic/rap song and I pretty damn like it.

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