A full listing of UK Pride events happening this summer

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Unsure what Pride event to attend this year? Check our full list of all UK Pride events below!

Main Cities


With a rather rich gay scene it is no surprise that Manchester has some really fantastic events planned over their big weekend starting on the 25th August. This includes a parade which will be a celebration of all things gloriously gay through the streets of Manchester as well as, on a more serious note, a candlelit vigil to commemorate those we have lost to HIV.


Our capital city never disappoints during their Gay Pride week, which this year will include plays, an exhibition at the Tate Modern, the highly anticipated Pride’s Got Talent which will see some of the top up and coming stars battle it out as well as saucy Soho Tours to name just a few. London we salute you.


The adopted home of the gay community, Brighton is planning a frickin’ huge concert on the weekend of the 4th August. Not to be missed there will also be a parade, a dog show, a village party as well as some brand new pleasure gardens.


Birmingham may not be known for being the sexiest city on the planet, but all that could change during Gay Pride week when the masses will assemble to celebrate all things LGBT. Included in the festivities will be a parade, street party and concert. 


There is little down time during Leeds Gay Pride week with a phenomenal schedule to choose from. With something for every LGBT person out there, you could partake in a 5-A-Side football tournament, go for a 5K mutt walk, attempt to defy gravity during an aerial yoga workshop or choose a flik at the Leeds Queer film festival to name just a few. Time to get down North we reckon.


Now we don’t want to appear biased but Edinburgh is one of our favourite cities, there we said it. And so we have high hopes for their gay pride festivities which will start on June 17th and will feature some proper exciting concerts and shows – fun for the whole family, especially if you have a thing for the Scottish accent.


Go for Guinness, stay for the Gays. Dublin is the place to be on June 14th with a buzzing schedule of events that includes more parties, celebrations, and even a fun run than any other city. Leprechauns, pubs and pots of gold – what more could you want?

Wider regions

Greater London

The South East is a pretty important place for the gay community. Expect big things from this region, particularly in Brighton where there will be a fundraising community event that is set to attract something of a crowd as well as some names you may have heard of like…Carly Rae Jepsen, Fatboy Slim and Paloma Faith, not too shabby.

Kings Cross Remix – 16th May

Essex Pride – 24th June 

South East

Brighton – 4th August

Canterbury Pride – 10th June

Eastbourne Gay Pride – 22nd July

Hampshire Pride – 25th February

Oxford Pride – 3rd June

South West

With some fantastic events taking place in the South West, it may well be time to book those tickets and take advantage of some stunning views, landscapes and if we manage to get some sun  this Summer there may even be some prime beach opportunities. Included in this wonderful array of events are parades, festivals, lunches and so much more. Not to be missed.

Cornwall Gay Pride – 26th August

Exeter Pride – 13th May

Plymouth Pride – 5th August

Reading Pride – 2nd September

Southampton Pride – 26th August

Totnes Pride – 2nd September

Weston Super Mare Pride – 29th July

Bristol Pride – 8th July

Exmouth Pride – 1st July

Gloucestershire Gay Pride – 10th June

Swindon & Wiltshire Pride – 29th July

West Midlands

Gay Pride may be the one time of year you actually want to get sent to Coventry…sorry we couldn’t resist. Jam Packed sessions will include a concert in Warwickshire, a Campervan of Love in Coventry (we’re not entirely sure what that is either) as well as a concert in Hereford.

Birmingham – 27th May 2017

Walsall Gay Pride – 26th August

Warwickshire Pride  – 19th August

Coventry Pride – 10th June

Hereford Pride – 29th July

Stoke on Trent Pride – 24th July

East Midlands

Well from the exciting tribute acts in the town of Worksop with every singer from Beyoncé to Little Mix covered to Leicester which will see a pretty awesome parade march through the city centre, the East Midlands may well be the place to be this Gay Pride, much recommended.

Worksop Pride – 8th July

Bourne Free Pride Festival – 30th June

Leicester Pride – September

Lincoln Pride – 24th June 17


The North is quite possibly one of the biggest regions for Gay Pride with events taking place in practically every city. With some seriously friendly people, it is definitely worth risking the dodgy weather to see some of these fantastic concerts, festivals and parades taking place across the region. A special mention to Durham and their two-year-old concert as well as, previous capital of culture, Liverpool which has a pretty cracking party scene.

Bolton Pride – 29th September

Burnley Pride – 5th August

Herts Pride – 2nd September

Lancaster Pride – 20th May

Liverpool Pride – 29th July

Manchester Pride – 25th August

Preston Pride – 9th September

Salford Pride – 15th July

Stockport Pride – 30th July

Blackpool Pride – 9th June

Chester Pride – 19th August

Cumbria Pride – 16th September

Wigan Pride – 12th August

Wythenshawe Pride – 19th August

Trafford Pride – 1st July

Durham Pride – 29th May

Newcastle Pride – 21st July


With some of the most beautiful scenery, Yorkshire is well worth a visit at any time of year – take a moment to wonder at the splendour of the Peak District or the Yorkshire Dales. Or, of course, you could visit this Summer and do some serious partying. Check out the scene in Sheffield, the parade in Doncaster or the concert in Hull. So little time, so much to do.

Bradford Pride – 27th May

Doncaster Pride – 19th August

Huddersfield Pride – July

Hull Pride – 22nd July

Leeds Gay Pride – 5th August

Sheffield Pride – 29th July

York Pride – 10th June


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