10 of the Best Dresses Khaleesi wore on Game of Thrones

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By Blued

It's done, and we must face the harsh reality: Monday saw the season finale of Game of Thrones and we’re gonna have to wait a while before the series comes back to our screens.

This season (Season 7) has never let me down and rumour has it that I was heard screaming “KWEEEN” a few times while watching it… but that’s just mean rumours. If I did, even though it’s clearly not the case, it’s because of the looks Khaleesi was serving while being a badass mother of dragons. Let me repeat this: serving looks + mother of dragons. MOTHER. OF. DRAGONS. I just wish I was her… Anyway, here are the best looks Khaleesi sported throughout 7 glorious seasons of Game of Thrones.

You is smart. You is kind. You is SLAYING MY F*****G LIFE!

Judging all y’all basic b*****s

That 3-headed-dragon-brooch is what dreams are made of.

The hair. Them goddamn hair paired with that dress and golden belt. *gay faint*

Here Khaleesi is seen wearing a black and… oh, wait!

Show that skin, honey, show all of that skin.


And now the three looks that I literally died for. I’m actually writing this from the grave.

Just look at it and make your own conclusions.

I’ll be lying of the floor wondering why I can’t be her.

*screams in Dothraki*

And finally at number 1…

the coat that made me die on Aug 21st at more or less 10.03 pm – the coat because of which I’m now being buried and mourned by my whole family and friends.

Officially RIP me.

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